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This is a platform that wants to see you grow as an audio engineer and hopefully helps to stir your passion for audio excellence. As an audio engineer for many years, I’ve seen a lack of support and training for audio productions across a variety of environments. The Internet is full of correct and incorrect information, but there is limited direction for how to achieve your goals. Our mission is to guide you in the right direction and to walk with you through your learning journey. Excellence in audio is more than just textbook definitions and ‘how tos’ for using equipment. It takes an understanding of your audience and of audio basics. We don’t believe that technology should be a limitation for great results. But we believe that great engineers can create excellent results with the tools and skills that are in their hands to use. Technology is just a tool to help achieve your goals, but it is not a necessity to create results. We hope that Fuze Audio is not just a service or a training program, but that it becomes a movement that builds momentum, shares passion and strengthens skills.

Our Services

  • Online and live masterclasses for church audio teams and individuals who are looking to improve their live audio production skills. If your team consists of audio volunteers, then this is a great package for you and them.

  • Audio service that will help to take your live event to another level- backing it up with experience, skills and passion for excellence in audio.

  • Showing your art to the world can be frightening. But there is no better way to do it, then by trusting us to make sure that your work is presented in the best possible way to exceed your audio expectations. Options include packages from tracking through to mixing and mastering.

  • You don’t need the biggest budget to sound good. If you think that you have not used your resources to their full potential or you are thinking of getting new equipment, feel free to contact us for advice or needs based mentoring.

  • There is nothing like watching a well-made movie with captivating sound effects. We can help to immerse your viewers in the art of sound. Options include packages from foley recording to mixing audio for cinematic content.

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Fuze Audio creates content to help engineers and music lovers grow their skills in producing, recording & mixing audio.